Thursday, 23 July 2015

A new start

Setting up a successful and efficiently run store is not a walk in the park, whether it is a re-fit or starting from scratch. For it to operate smoothly, it has to be well-thought-out and well equipped. 

Quite apart from the finance is the floor plan, which unless given plenty of consideration can lead to a major fiasco. To avoid this, part of the success will hinge on the right equipment.

If a store has not been purpose-built in the first place, it may well be an odd shape, but even if it's been planned from the beginning there often seems to be odd nooks and crannies, which unless carefully utilised will be a waste of space. Space equals income, when it is used well.  

Maximising your store's potential is where Shelving4Shops can help.  Shelving4Shops is aware of the need for a good flow, to enable your customers to appreciate the full extent of your merchandise, and we can help you create it with the range of cabinets and shelving that we offer.  

Buying used shelving can help your cash flow, although it does depend on what is available at the time you require it. However, because Shelving4Shops deals directly with the suppliers, we pass on considerable savings to our customers, making refits or new projects a more realistic and competitive opportunity. Our large stocks also mean that you can achieve a speedy turnaround if you are refitting.  
Because we have had many years of experience, we can advise as well as supply your project, so if you would like to talk through your requirements we will be happy to help you.  Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 or call in at our showrooms at Wolvey, Leicestershire, LE10 3JG.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Make a great impression with our pegboard shelving

Whether your available space is large or small, often the challenge is to find a truly versatile system that is cost effective as well as easy to use for the customer and your staff - and versatility is one of the key advantages of pegboard shelving. Adding shelves or extra hooks is simple, and will accommodate a changing display, keeping up with changing demand and products. 
Pegs and hooks can be re-organised, taken away or added at any time, enabling you to have a display that can adapt to whatever you're supplying. 
It doesn’t have to be just a practical expression of necessity - it can also be an attractive display, showing artwork or colour pictures and photos when you want to demonstrate something relevant to your product. The element of surprise is always a good seller, and by arranging your pegboarding with some sort of visual impact, customers will take extra notice of the things that you are selling. You can use colour or shape in an innovative way, whatever the product.
One of the advantages of pegboard is that it allows you to see a wide range of goods at once, meaning that customers can easily make comparisons. They can quickly see difference in size and colour, without having to spend a lot of time picking up different products to examine them. Customer convenience is always a major consideration.
Shelving4Shops supply pegboard wall shelving, and gondolas as well as end bays, meaning that whatever the need and wherever you want to put your pegboarding we have the ideal unit to meet your requirements. 
Give Shelving4Shops a call on 01455 221512 to discuss your pegboarding needs, or call in at our showroom at Hinckley Road, Wolvey, Leics where we can show you the range of shelving that we offer.