Friday, 29 May 2015

Versatile Gondola Shelving

One of the priorities when setting up a shop is enabling your customer's to browse your products easily, without having to reach into awkward spaces for them or having to rummage around to see what's available. Gondola shelving is a great option for making sure all your products are accessible, without having to compromise on making sure your store looks spacious and organised. Gondola shelving is a free standing shelving unit, which offers storage space on either side, with your choice of either standard shelves or pegboard. These units are ideal for creating aisles with, using on a small amount of space while offering an impressive amount of shelving space.

Gondola shelves are versatile and durable, with the ability to support heavy products such as tinned goods or bottles of drink. They give a good, wide platform on which to display your products in an attractive, accessible way, allowing your customer's to browse with ease. It's one of the most popular options in retail, from large supermarkets to small, one-off stores. 

 For efficient use of space, speak to us about your layout options and we can help you find the perfect combination of units to make sure your store maximises the space and creates an inviting, accessible shop floor. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Let Us Help You Kit Out Your Store!

At Shelving4Shops, we're proud to share our extensive knowledge of shop fitting with our customers. We're always happy to have our customer's drop into our showroom to chat over their plans- feel free to pop in for a cup of tea! 

We have a wealth of knowledge about the world's major brands, to help you identify any existing system and match it up to existing systems, allowing you to extend your shop and improve your current displays and units. 

We often have customer's sending us their shop plans, so feel free to do the same and we'll be happy to look over them and advise you on exactly how many units will fit. We can then lay out various options available to you, depending on budget, of course. 

Installing the shelving itself is simple and very easy, but we make sure we offer help and advice over the phone or we can give you a competitive quote on installation. If we deliver the units ourselves, we'll be happy to show you how to get started on installing the units, giving you the easiest, fastest way to get your system complete, ready for your products. 

We have such a variety of units available, from displaying bulky large items to frozen food, so feel free to call us up on 01455 221512 and we'll be happy to chat to your about your requirements! We look forward to hearing from  you! 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Setting Up Your Store

Setting up your store in the right way is very important, so take your time to plan the layout and ensure that your customer's keep coming back. Here at Shelving4Shops we have the expertise and knowledge to help you set up a successful shop- feel free to pop in to our showroom with a basic floor plan and we can help you look at your best options for displaying your merchandise. 

 In the meantime, here are a few tips to think about when opening your store! 

1. Accessibility: Make sure you take a walk down your aisles and check that they're wide enough for disabled access. Are there stands or pillars stopping the access for wheelchairs or pushchairs? Does your store need trolleys or baskets on wheels- and if so, will they catch on anything when being wheeled around the shop? 

2. Lighting: Make sure your lighting is bright and well maintained. A flickering overhead light is very annoying for everyone and will deter your customers, rather than encourage them, so make sure you take the time to regularly check your lighting. Remember that insects often get trapped in bulbs and light fixtures, making them look untidy and dirty, so make sure it's part of your cleaning routine to remove bugs and dirt from the lights. Don't forget to also make sure corners and wall shelves are well lit. Take time to try out the best angles of lighting to ensure all your products are seen in the best light!

3. Store Entrance: Your store entrance is one of the most important parts of your shop- a cluttered entrance will put people off venturing in, so be sure it's kept clear and clean. Bear in mind that wheelchairs and pushchairs need to easily get through the doors, without knocking into anything. Shopping baskets and/or trolleys also need to be right by the entrance to make sure people have these easily to hand to fill up. These also need to be kept in good, clean order to give people the right impression of your store. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Displaying Magazines Effectively

 Displaying magazines effectively is the bane of many a shopkeeper! Magazine displays have a tendency to often become messy and disorganised, which can also mean they become dog-eared and ragged. Customer's want their purchases pristine, so how do you keep magazines looking smart and new?

 The answer is investing in magazine unit to make sure the goods are displayed in neat, consistent rows that are easy to tidy and keep the papers safe and secure. Shelving4Shops has a versatile, sturdy range of magazine units that can be integrated into your store alongside other display units, such as wall shelving and peg boards. Each unit has eight angled magazine tiers, to offer the best storage option, and the best browsing and viewing experience for the customer. 

 These versatile units can also be used for other items such as cards, wrapping paper or books, keeping them safe and tidy. The shelving units come in three different heights to match your requirements: 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m. If you're unsure of how these units will fit into your store, bring a basic floor plan into our showroom and we'll be happy to help you figure out the best way to implement them and get your produce flying off the shelves! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


When you have a firm idea of what you want, the size you want and how you want to display your products it is very disappointing to have to compromise and inevitably be disappointed with the only way you can achieve it because of limited choice, finances or availability.  That’s made even worse when you can’t get on with your project as you have to wait so long for your goods to arrive.

At Shelving4shops we know that delay can cost you money.  We know that not having the right equipment and the right advice can cause you disappointment leading to still more expenditure.  We know that your shop is not only your work but also that you take pride in being able to offer the best to your customers. 

We know these facts because that is precisely what we want for our customers so you can rest assured that the service that we offer to you is the kind of service that we would wish for ourselves.  Therefore we are versatile and will endeavour to make your shop’s needs our concern.  We want to get it right for you.  We want to get it right for ourselves!

To discuss your individual requirements please ring us on 01455 221512, and we will be as versatile as we possibly can in order to help your shop achieve the success we know you deserve.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The little things in life

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that everything hangs on.  They can either let you down or you can have confidence in them knowing that their support can always be relied on.  It’s like that with shelving.  Poor quality peg boards or shelves with poor quality pegs or staples will let you down and you will find yourself always cleaning up a mess that was not necessarily of your making.  Customers reach out to take something and the whole thing drops out of their hands.  Red faces all round!

We supply peg boarding and slat boards in a variety of sizes with the appropriate pegs and hooks which will not let you down.  With a single prong or euro hook they can cope with the different weights and widths that you might want to hang on them.  

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to work out your needs or to assemble when they arrive as at shelving4shops we can give you all the advice that you need in order to fit the space available.  Our experienced team of shop fitters can even fit them for you if you would like us to help in that way, offering a competitive installation price.  

Call shelving4shops on 01455 221512 for a quote or to discuss your needs.  We have 15 years of experience and won’t let you down!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Maximise space available

Do you have a continual headache as to how to cram everything that you want to display into a restricted space? If it is packed on to the shelves the result can be a a precarious pile of goods that teeters dangerously and is a most unwelcoming challenge to the nervous customer who does not want to be seen picking up all the things off the floor….when all she did was look at them! 

Space can be an issue, however there are often unused corners into which we can fit our corner shelving units.  As they come in different depths, heights and widths they can be adjusted to fit into many corners that other shelving units just will not manage.  Instead of leaning products against the wall in the corner the units will provide an efficient and manageable way of utilising otherwise wasted space.  

Although relatively easy to assemble we at Shelving4shops are willing to help you to set them up and will happily advise you as to the best way to incorporate them into the space that you have available.  We know that the competition out there is tough and it makes sense to use all existing space in the most productive but workable way possible.  

Call us on 01455 221512 for help and advice on maximising the space in your shop.