Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cash Registers - Keep Your Money Safe!

Here at Shelving4Shops we want to make setting up your business simple and affordable. Below are two examples of one of the most important parts of your shop - the cash register! A cash register allows you to record the amount of each sale, while printing a receipt for the customer and keeping you in full control of the money coming in and out.

This new cash register by Sharp is compact, yet powerful. Coming in modern, stylish white or smart, formal black, it has a bright 9 digit 7 segment LED operator display that gives clear information to the operator. The single station printer is quick and gives reliable, silent printing, producing neat and professional looking receipts. The cash drawer is lockable, for peace of mind, and offers segmented portions for different coins to be kept separate, as well as paper notes. 
A 3,000 line Electronic Journal gives a full audit trail and the register has an SD card slot to allow data to be stored on it and then viewed on a PC. A free PC link is also available for download, to allow easy programming of PLUs, departments, prices and tax rates. 

The XE-A207 features large clear, multi-line operator display and is available in a professional light grey or smart black. Fitting in most retail and hospitality interiors, it features a new contemporary cabinet design and is the perfect choice for retailers who need a reliable, stylish and easy to use machine. A sturdy metal, lockable cash drawer is included, allowing for peace of mind and confidence in a busy retail environment. 

Easy to set up, thanks to the free PC Link software programme that allows for effortless product maintenance and a new data export function allows for sales data to be saved for use within any spreadsheet. The XE-A207 is the ideal choice for any busy, developing retailer, providing reliability and confidence. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Your Store Decor.

Decorating a store is very, very individual and of course depends on the sort of shop, the sort of products you sell and the size of the premises, not to mention the budget you're on. So when it comes to decorating and dressing up your store, you need to bear in mind your target audience and think creatively. 

For the general shop theme, colours set tone and mood in a shop, so bear in mind the type of atmosphere you want to create. Research colours and effects, for example, red and orange in a food shop can promote a feeling of hunger, whereas pastel hues and whites can be calming and relaxing, which is ideal in a shop selling bath salts and spa products. Spend time considering the mood you want in the store and carefully select your colour scheme. 

Creating eye catching displays are a great way of drawing a customer's attention to a product that otherwise they would have glossed over. Such displays need a clever use of colour (but not too many different ones) otherwise the overall look will be tacky and childish (unless, of course, you are advertising children's products!). So pick your colours carefully and use them to brighten your shop and create focus points to attract customers to a particular promotion or sale. 

The good thing about our units at Shelving4Shops is that they are versatile & re-usable, so you can rework it each time you need a new display. Pegboards are fantastic for promotions as they are so easy to work with & are quick to amend or rearrange when you need to change over a product or advertise a special deal. They are also ideal for hanging items, eg necklaces, for example, & give a bigger space to create really eye catching displays. Don't forget the minor details either, such as the finishing touches. Whether it's a particular piece of artwork behind the counter or a bowl of sweets for customers to help themselves to, it's the small touches will get your store remembered. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Realistic Refridgeration!

In the summer months, it is especially important to make sure your choice of chiller does exactly what you want it to do, and sometimes this is several things at once.

Serve over counters are great for displaying goods that require careful display whilst keeping them at a steady, cool temperature. These refrigerated units are perfect for creating a beautiful display of products that customers can easily view and choose, whilst giving you easy access and the assurance that the products are kept fresh and refrigerated. 

Dairy cabinets give good surface area for display whilst maintaining the specific temperature to keep goods fresh and properly refrigerated. This is especially important to keep the optimal shelf life of products. 

Display freezers are ideal for presenting your frozen produce in the most attractive manner possible and encouraging those impulse buys. Summer is an ideal time to make the most of grabbing people's attention and displaying those ice creams! Choose a display freezer based on your store space and layout, and on the products you are planning to display. Chest freezers have the option of baskets to offer easy-to-grab impulse buy ice creams, upright freezers give shelves with the potential to create bright, eye catching displays. 

Bottle fridges are (as the name implies) specific to displaying drinks. They create a neat, tidy way to store bottles and keep them refrigerated, giving either customers or bar staff easy access to drinks kept at a constant, cool temperature. 

Multi-deck chillers give you the option of using height to display your produce at constant refrigeration, maximising the use of space in your store. They are the cost-effective way to display large amounts of chilled goods, with great viewing potential and easy access for both staff and customer. 
Whatever you need your chiller to do, we have a huge range of both used and new units here at Shelving4Shops. For advice about which chiller you need, feel free to contact us on 01455 221512 for enquiries and information. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Magazine Mayhem!

Magazine shelves are notorious for looking messy and crowded, leaving customers struggling to find the one they want. Magazines are just as popular as ever and it is important to create a display that doesn't leave customers rummaging through your display, ultimately resulting in it becoming chaotic and the magazines looking dishevelled and dogeared. 

Our magazine shelving units come in three different heights, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m, with each including 8 tiers of angled shelving with a 470mm base shelf as standard. This base shelf is an ideal space for displaying newspapers, though it can be changed to any size you need. As with any of our wall shelving products, it can be adjusted to suit your requirements. 

With our range of magazine units, you can connect them to other shelving units to create bespoke displays specific to your store, tailoring it to your needs. Or why not consider joining the starter bays together to create a long wall of paper products, giving customers great browsing opportunity and with each product displayed so that they can quickly locate their preferred magazine without having to root through all the others? We have over 15 years experience in the shelving business, so if you have any queries or need any advice, we can help you decide what units are best suited to your store. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Enticing Interiors!

These days with the digital market taking off and taking so much business, it's now more important than ever to make sure your shop entices customers in. Competition is fierce, so it's vital that the layout of your store makes the most of the customer's shopping experience. 

When designing the layout of your store, bear in mind that customers need direction around a store, it will help them navigate your products and give you the opportunity to make sure they view as much of your stock as possible. Creating aisles gives customers the most exposure to products and using our gondola shelving means you can create these aisles whilst maximising on the space you have available. 

There are various different layouts that you can use, below are two of the prime examples of layouts that create effective flows of traffic and give maximum exposure to products, whilst allowing customers to move freely from aisle to aisle. 

Race Track Layout
A racetrack layout consists of a main aisle that leads customers from the front area, around the whole store and then guides them lastly to the check out counter. It is designed for two way traffic that directs customers to what they are looking for.

Power Aisle Layout
The power aisle layout consists of a main aisle that runs the length of the store either from front to back or from corner to corner, allowing for departments to branch off the main aisles. It is set up to allow a flow of two way traffic with retail displays set up on both the floor and end units, letting you organise your merchandise to maximise accessibility to seasonal, special or sales items. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cigarette Gantry

 The new regulations coming in next year mean that all cigarette gantries will be required by law to have screens or sliding doors to cover the shelves. This will be a legal requirement from April 2015 and failure to comply can result in store owners receiving a financial penalty. From April 2015, it will be illegal to display tobacco products and even their prices, except to adults aged 18 and over, therefore the products should be kept behind a screen or sliding door at all times.

Updating cigarette displays to have custom made doors and screens can present a sizeable cost to many stores, so Shelving4Shops are now manufacturing a low cost cigarette gantry to replace outdated tobacco displays and make your store ready for the new changes to the law. Sliding doors come as standard and can be easily fitted when the new regulations come into force on the 6th April 2015.

Our new tobacco cabinet also comes with cigarette dividers and pushers, allowing for stock of over 112 different types of cigarettes over the 7 adjustable shelves. Epos ticket strips are also fitted to the front of all the shelves allowing for the clear display of prices.

This compact cigarette display is ideal for maximising on space behind the counter, as it stands at just 1000mm wide x 370mm deep x 1500mm tall. It sits perfectly on a 1 meter wall bay, ideally sized to complement your other store display units.

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