Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Shelving4Shops Leicestershire Showroom

End Finishing Legs
Here at Shelving4Shops, we want to ensure that you make the most out of your store. However, we understand that sometimes it can get a little frustrating trying to develop and visualise a layout that appeals to customers, and fits within a budget. Our shelving show room located in Leicestershire can help you do just that. We have an extensive range of shelving units for you to browse through, and allow you to choose the best shelving and racking units to help you make the most out of your retail space. 

Whether you’re opening a completely brand new store, replacing certain units or just looking to freshen up your store, our friendly expert sales team will always be happy to help you find your ideal fit and ensure you make the best use of your shop floor space.  

If you’re struggling to visualise a shop layout that best suits you, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire holds a large variety of assorted shelving units and styles, in various depths and heights. We also stock and sell used racking which can be easily integrated into your current store layout. Ideal if you’re looking for a new look on a tight budget. 

At Shelving4Shops, we understand the importance of finding that ideal shelving or racking unit. Height and depth are major elements to consider when choosing new units. Having a unit thats too deep in depth create the illusion of a cramped and confined store. Merchandise can become hidden, and your customers browsing experience can be affected. Units that are too tall in height hide customers, and can pose a security threat concerning shoplifting. 

If you’re struggling to find certain shelving units to suit you, or just need some friendly advice, our shop fitting showroom in Leicestershire will enable you to visualise your ideal retail space. If you’re interested in visiting us, our showroom is located in Wolvey, Leicestershire, just off the M69. Or if you just need some quick and friendly advice on planning your shop, you can call us on 01455 221512, and our expert design team will be happy to help you create that perfect plan.  

Monday, 28 April 2014

Shelving for Events

Wall ShelvingValentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas are just few of the big holidays that the retail industry prepares for months in advance. A lot of effort and development goes into creating areas in the store that are just dedicated to these holidays alone. However, adding a promotional Gondola unit or end bay at a till point is a great way of encouraging those extra impulse buys from customers. 

According to recent reports, almost 90% of customers impulse buy, and end up going home with products that they did not intend to purchase. This is due to either the product being on offer, or simply the lack of effort required to add that product to their basket. 

A promotional bay or an end bay is a great way of displaying products that are associated with the upcoming holiday, or even just products that are on promotion or are fast selling lines. Implementing upcoming holidays and events into a promotional or end bay is a good way of subtlety reminding customers about the holiday, and could encourage them to make that additional purchase. 

Gondola units are usually placed at the front of the till points, so whilst customers are queuing they can browse through products that come across as a great deal, or related products to what they’re purchasing. The placement of these gondolas usually leads to an increase in impulse buys from customers. The products look desirable at a cheap price, and it requires almost no effort to pick up that extra product. Having additional promotional bays and end bays displaying products make a worthwhile addition to the end of a till point. They capture the customers’ attention, and also gives them something to contemplate and look at whilst waiting to pay. 

Even if a customer has already bought something for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Day etc, if they see something that captures their attention and is on a great offer, there’s a very strong chance they’ll add it to their basket, even if it’s something that they don’t actually need. 

Having a promotional bay at the till points creates an easy shopping opportunity for customers. It makes it so easy for them t to pick up that extra product and add it to their basket. It’s hassle free and simple to do, and the customer feels as if they have gotten a great deal from your store. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wire Stacking Baskets & Wire Shelving

Wire Stacking Baskets & Wire ShelvingEven when you’ve developed the ideal shop floor plan and layout, you still might find a few empty awkward spaces here and there. Wire Stacking Baskets and Shelving are ideal for filling up that extra space, ensuring that you make the most out of your store layout. 

Our wire stacking baskets are extremely versatile and come as individual units. They can easily be stacked on top of each other or fitted together to make the most out of your store space. These units are ideal if you want to shift excess merchandise, or continue to promote a fast selling product. Placing these at the till points will encourage customers to put items in their basket whilst waiting to pay. 

According to recent reports, around 90% of people are prone to impulse buying. This is when customers purchase items that weren’t originally on their shopping list. This is either due to the item being on offer, or just the ease of adding the item to their basket. Customers tend to not want to go out of their way to reach for products, they want to shop for items that require as little effort as possible, which is where wire stacking baskets and wire shelving come into place. 

Our freestanding wire shelving units are perfect for when you have an empty wall space; a wire shelving unit can temporarily fill out that space, as emptiness within a store can give the impression of an under developed store. 

Here at Shelving4Shops we understand the importance of keeping the store layout ‘fresh’ for prospective customers. Our lightweight wire stacking baskets and shelving units are ideal for temporary solutions, or for just swiftly changing the dynamics of the store layout without making any drastic changes. 

We also understand that within the retail sector, temporary changes to promotional lines and layouts are a common occurrence and are often last minute. Wire stacking baskets, dump bins and shelving units are excellent temporary solutions.  

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What makes Gondola Racking different?

Gondola RackingChances are we’ve walked past and around Gondola Racking units numerous times without even realising when we’re browsing through a store. Gondola Racking is a subtle way of making the most out of spare and empty floor space, and can make a great addition to your store layout. 

Gondola Racking units have shelves on both sides of the unit, meaning that one side of a unit no longer has to be impractical, completely counterproductive and empty. Gondola Racking helps develop a stable shopping layout for customers. Aisles are created, therefore enforcing a steady and stable customer traffic flow, creating a positive customer experience. 

Gondola racking units also allow merchandise to be displayed and exhibited to the full extent. Customers are fully exposed to merchandise, and Gondola Racking allows them to browse more easily and effectively. Customers that are able to browse more efficiently are more likely to make purchases within your store. 

Having a continuous flow of merchandise provides an easier browsing experience for customers. Gondola Racking allows products that are related to each other to be grouped together, this then leads to additional purchases from customers, also known as impulse buys. 

Here at Shelving4 Shops, we understand that within the retail industry it’s important to ensure that the store is kept looking fresh for customers. That’s why our Gondola Racking units are also versatile and interchangeable, meaning you can easily change components, and move the units to another location, creating a fresh new look for your store.