Monday, 31 March 2014

Cutting Corners

Fill those corners with additional products

Do you have a bare empty corner in your store? Chances are that it’s probably collecting dust, but there is an easier way to fill that dark empty void, and the answer isn’t to put a plant there! It would make a lot more sense to invest in one of our sturdy corner shelving units

Corner units are an effective way to fill up an unappealing deserted corner. It also furnishes your store in a professional manner, rather than having neglected space in the corner of the shop. Unused space can give an poor impression to the store and the company. They also help provide a continuous flow of display, as sometimes, it can look a bit odd when theres a massive gap between shelving units, and then the display carries on around the corner. This of course wouldn’t happen if a corner unit was in place, meaning the continuous flow of display would be restored, and customers shopping experience is a lot more efficient.  

Not only do they provide a well polished display, they also obviously provide more shelving space to stock products on, meaning that a more cramped area of your store can be free from clutter, therefore again providing a more effective shopping experience for the customer. 

There isn’t really any reason not to fill a vacant corner with a corner unit, it can only bring great things to your store and merchandise. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dump Bins - They’re Not All Rubbish

Dump Bins. The name might not be so glamorous, but they’re more convenient than you think, and they can definitely benefit your business in a variety of ways. 

Not a lot of customers appreciate shopping in a seriously cramped shop with little amounts of space to browse; it completely counteracts the concept of great customer experience. However, the alternative doesn’t have to be having vast amounts of empty floor space; this can come across as a little eerie. This is where dump bins come into the equation. These are an easy and efficient way to fill up empty floor space, and they also look neat, tidy and can easily fit into a lonely corner. 

Dump bins can also help you move excess products. If you find that you have an excess amount of a product just sitting around aimlessly, dump bins are a great way of shifting that product fast and effectively, as customers subconsciously just pick up a product that they weren’t even out shopping for in the first place. 

They also help products come across as a bit of a bargain. The majority of stores use dump bins to effectively shift an offer on a product they have an excess amount of because it makes them seem more of a bargain.. 

Of course it’s important to remember that not all products work that well in dump bins. It wouldn’t be a great idea to dump a pile of magazines into a dump bin, they would probably be ruined within days, and therefore the value of the magazines would be severely decreased. The same would apply to delicate items that are prone to smashing or breaking, this would then clearly become a health and safety issue. Ensure that you use your dump bin effectively!   

Friday, 21 March 2014

Edgy Shelves

Accessorise your shelves! We’re not talking about adding sparkly bits and bobs to your shelving units. Instead, think about implementing shelf barkers into your store; this will prove to be far more effective for you, and for your customers. 

Just a single shelf edge strip can improve a customers shopping experience and loyalty to your store dramatically. It can save them valuable shopping time by allowing them to quickly identify the product and the price. It may not seem that much of a big deal if a customer is having trouble identifying a certain product, as surely they can easily just ask one of your friendly members of staff for assistance? True, but if your store gets busy, having a shelf edge strip will save the customer time, and allow you to spend more valuable time with other customers who require assistance. 

These days, people lead such busy and hectic lifestyles, they want their shopping experience to be over and done with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their patience will most likely be tested if they can’t find a product within a minute of entering a store. Applying shelf edge barkers in front of products around the store will help ensure that customers can identify certain products a lot easier. It can also help them compare prices between similar products. Instead of inspecting the product for a small price label, all the customer has to do is scan along the shelf edge barker, allowing them to make a quick snap judgment on whether that product is going in their basket or not. 

Shelf edge barkers also allow for offers to stand out more clearly, and effectively catch the customers eye. At the end of they day, you honestly have nothing to lose by implementing shelf edge barkers into your store - it can only make your customers’, and your life easier. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Keep Clean!

You may have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that your store is displaying merchandise perfectly, but the effort shouldn’t stop there. Keeping your shelves and units dust and dirt free also plays a major key role in maintaing a favourable customer reputation. 

It’s extremely easy to forget to keep your shelves clean and tidy. But neglecting them can have an detrimental effect on your store’s valued reputation, as well as your customer credibility. Keeping shelves dust free ensures shelves look presentable and customer friendly. Sleek looking shelves allows customers to easily approach them and shop for a product, without being totally disgusted by the uncleanliness of the shelf that the product sits on. Having a filthy shelf also gives off the impression of unprofessionalism of the store as well as the company, and that can quickly establish a negative reputation amongst the store’s potential and existing customers. It also implies the product is unpopular as the assumption is that a product which is selling well wouldn’t have time to let dust build up on the shelf.

Remember that Health and Safety can either make or break a store. If a customer was to report poor standards to Health and Safety, then the chances are it will become publicly noted, and destroy what took years to build up a valued customer reputation. 

If you can put the time and effort into a store layout, you can surely find the time to do a quick dust down on the shelves and units. It almost counteracts the beautiful display you’ve put together if they end up filthy within a few weeks time. A few minutes every couple of days can ensure your shop stays reputable, as well as ensuring continuous customer loyalty, which is always a bonus. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peg Boards

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t get a certain product to sit well on a shelf. This isn’t the shelf’s fault, it’s most likely the design and shape of the product. Not every product is designed with a shelf in mind. Some products just hang a lot happier on a peg board.

Peg board’s are a great way of varying your shop display. They give you a chance to experiment with different heights and levels, effectively showcasing products in a different manner. Products that are designed to hang can be displayed more effectively with the use of peg boards, and demonstrate the product to its original capabilities. 

If you find that the peg board display needs ’shaking up’ a little, then it’s as simple as anything to move some of the pegs around to better display certain products. If you find that there’s an empty space where a product has sold well, then it’s quick and simple to move another peg and product to that empty space on the board. It may also be a lot safer to showcase certain products on a peg board than it would be if they were placed on a shelf, mugs for instance. Shelves tend to have an extremely smooth and slippery surface, and mugs are practically designed to be hung on a peg board. 

Peg boards can provide you with plenty of versatility for your merchandise and shop floor layout and configuration. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not about seeing how many pegs and stock you can fit on one unit. Peg boards encourage you to diversify your displays, and allow you to create an easy and efficient customer shopping experience. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Power of Height

Adjustable Shop Shelving

Shop shelving may seem like a simple concept, and the majority of people just think you place a product on a shelf and be done with it. However in order to move and sell product more effectively, it depends entirely on how you choose to display merchandise. When merchandise is presented inefficiently, it can severely devalue customer experience. Luckily, our shelves have the ability to provide variety and diversity to your products and business.

It may seem quite straightforward, but don’t underestimate the power of height. Height can help display products more effectively and efficiently for the customer. There’s no point in trying to stock as much product as possible on four shelves if they’re all crammed together, as this then makes it difficult for the customer to examine and learn more about the product. Ensure that the shelves are equally distributed between one another, as uneven shelf displays can look a little distorted, and can make a customer’s shopping experience much more complex than needed.

It of course doesn’t hurt to experiment with different height levels, but it’s important to remember that the display as a whole must come across as neat, tidy and accessible to the customer. Mirroring shelves has been proven to provide a much more pleasant shopping experience, it also comes across as orderly and easy to understand to the customer. 

It’s no secret that it’s getting tougher and tougher for shops to turn over a profit, which is why it’s getting more and more important that shops ensure that their products are displayed in the best possible manner for customers, and to make their shopping experience easier for them, and more effective for the company.