Thursday, 27 February 2014

Using Gondola Shelving in Your Retail Store

Gondola shelving is an integral part of most retail stores, providing adaptable shelving options for many different products. Gondola shelving units are double sided and can be connected together to form a freestanding 'run', creating aisles in your store and offering easy browsing for customers. 

gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is an exceptionally cost-effective and durable type of shop shelving comprising a deep base shelf and at least three additional adjustable shelves. Additional shelves can be added, or existing shelves can be tilted to a variety of angles, and the shelf backing can be swapped for pegboard if necessary, making these shelving units extremely versatile. 

Gondola shelving comes in a choice of heights and depths, with base shelf depths ranging from 300mm to 570mm and heights ranging from 1.4m to 2.1m. Individual shelves are available with depths of 250mm to 470mm to suit a huge variety of products. Because gondola shelves are accessible from both sides, they are easy to stock and maintain, either by hand or machine, and work well in stores and warehouses. 

To finish off your gondola shelving, you'll need end bays which attach to the end of a run for a neat look and offer high-impact displays for stocking promotional items. Shelf risers and dividers and Epos ticket strips can also be added to your gondola shelving for easy organisation and to provide clear signage for customers. 

The way you position your gondola shelving is important as it will dictate how your customers move around your store. By creating aisles, you can draw customers back and forth through your store, exposing them to a greater number of different products and increasing the likelihood of impulse buys. If you need help planning your store, or would like advice on which type of gondola shelving is right for your shop, please get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and one of our retail experts will be glad to help!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Retail Shelving for the Job

Choosing shop shelving for your store will depend on several factors: size, budget, and the products you stock. At Shelving4Shops we're experts in retail and our experienced advisors can help you to find the best design of shelving and the right configuration for your needs. From shop planning all the way to assembly, let Shelving4Shops make setting up shop simple!
Not only does the right kind of shelf serve a practical use but it also offers an attractive display to entice your customers to buy. Whether you choose wall shelving, gondola shelving, pegboard shelving, magazine racking, refrigerated shelving or wire shelving, the magic's in the arrangement.
Shop Shelving
Variety can help to create a multi-dimensional shopping space with a selection of different retail shelving units, neatly stacked and promoted with bright signage. To decide on your shop shelving, think about the products it will need to hold - bottles, packets, paper goods or fresh produce? Most shelving units are adaptable and adjustable to fit different sized products, so make the most of these options when putting your shelving together - nothing looks worse than shelving that is over or under stocked, or filled with products that don't fit well. 
Wall mounted shelving saves space and can add a vertical dimension to your shop, while gondola shelving guides your customers around the store by creating aisles. End bays and promotional bays are perfect for finishing runs of shelving units and showcasing special offers, popular items and promotional products.
end bay shelving
If you need help planning out your store or choosing retail racking and accessories, visit or come and see our range of shelving at our showroom in Leicestershire. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Versatile Pegboard Shop Shelving

pegboard shelving

Pegboard shelving is a versatile retail shelving option for all sized stores, offering many different ways of displaying a variety of products. Pegboard backing can be applied to wall shelving, gondola shelving, and end bays to maximise space in a store, displaying large or small items on a range of accessories, including:

  • Pegboard hooks
  • Pegboard shelves
  • Pegboard hanging bins
  • Pegboard wire and plastic baskets
  • Pegboard organisers
  • Pegboard signs and displays
There are hooks and shelves to suit any product, with durable options for heavier items - the beauty of a pegboard display is how easy it is to change it according to your needs. With so much space and so many different configurations available, simply rearrange your shelves and hooks whenever you need to. When used in conjunction with a wall shelving unit or gondola, you also have the benefit of a large sturdy base shelf on which you can display larger items or stacked products. 

pegboard shelving

Pegboard shelving is popular in pet stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, clothing stores, petrol stations and many other retail outlets looking for a cost-effective choice of shop shelving. Combine pegboard shelving with gondola shelving, wall shelving and temporary shelving like dump bins and wire stacking baskets to maximise the space you have available and boost sales! Talk to us at Shelving4Shops to find out how pegboard can be incorporated into your existing shelving units, or used as part of a brand new store plan.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Organise Your Shop Shelving for Maximum Sales

Retail shelving are the building blocks of any store - a neat, tidy, well-organised shop with high quality shelving can create success from simply being designed in the right way to maximise the shopper experience and encourage more sales. 
retail shelving shop racking

When planning your store you'll need to take into account the size of your shopping area, the position of your shop counter and any larger units such as chillers and freezers, and whether you will be using gondola shelving to turn floor space into aisles. The type of retail shelving you choose will depend on the products you'll be stocking:
  • Pegboard shelving works well for smaller items that need to be hung from pegs, or for when you have a wide variety of different shaped and sized products, for example in a pet shop;
  • Wall shelving is useful in any shop, making the most of wall space and offering versatile display areas according to your needs, for example with magazine racking, slatwall shelving or tilted shelves;
  • Gondola units are a double-sided freestanding form of shelving that provides a space-saving way to create aisles in your store;
  • Dump bins and wire shelving allow you to fill any extra spaces in your store with temporary and adaptable display units;
  • Refrigerated shelving, chillers and freezers keep fresh and frozen goods ready for sale in attractive display units.
There are other ways to organise and arrange your store to help make it as inviting and enticing as possible. Using different materials gives different effects according to your store's intended atmosphere - glass gives a high quality appeal while wood can appear rustic, clean and crisp plastic looks clean and tidy while metal offers a contemporary look. For a professional appearance, your shelving should stay well stocked and in good condition - not too empty nor overcrowded, and always clean and free from cracks or breakages. By arranging your shelves at equal or similar heights with complementary products kept together, the aesthetic of your display will be attractive and interesting. Signage and displays should be kept up to date and changed regularly to give a sense of novelty for regular shoppers - keeping a particular shelving unit aside for promotional items and special offers allows customers to know exactly where to find a bargain at every visit. And why not be creative with your retail displays? Add in seasonal decorations or create a theme using colour schemes and signage - give your store a personal style and your customers will remember you! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

How to Arrange Gondola Retail Shelving

Gondola shelving is a versatile type of retail racking that allows you to dictate the flow of traffic in your store while maximising display space on free-standing double sided shelving units. The way you arrange your gondola shelving can have a huge effect on the success of your store, encouraging (or discouraging!) customers to pick up extra items and helping visitors to find what they need easily. 

gondola shelving

Creating an effective flow of traffic will make your stock more visible and boost impulse buys, as well as making your shop pleasant to move around. Gondola shelving units are available in various different sizes to suit your space and can be connected together to make a 'run', capped with end bays which can be stocked with promotional items or popular goods. 

One trick when arranging your gondola shelving and retail racking is to place popular and high demand products at the back of the store to ensure that customers are exposed to a variety of other items on their way through the store. If you place these items right by the counter or at the front of the store customers will simply pop in, grab what they want and leave without browsing any further. 

gondola shop shelving

When creating aisles with gondola shelving you need to ensure that there is enough space between each shelving unit for easy movement and browsing - this width also needs to be wide enough to accommodate a pushchair or wheelchair. The way you lay out your aisles will help to drive traffic around the store - for example a 'racetrack' layout consists of a series of parallel gondola runs, leading customers around your shop aisle by aisle, while the 'power aisle' layout is more suitable for larger stores and supermarkets and comprises a central aisle with various 'departments' branching off, made up from perpendicular gondola shelving runs. 

Gondola display units can be customised with extra shelves, pegboard backing, slatwall shelving, shelf risers and dividers, magazine shelving and adjustable shelves that can be mvoed to different heights or tilted for easy access. For help choosing the right gondola shelving for your store and advice on shop layouts, visit or come to our Leicestershire shelving showroom to speak to us in person. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Shop Counters and Countertop Displays

Shop owners spend a lot of time organising the main retail shelving units in their store, such as wall shelving, gondola shelving, refrigerated shelving and magazine shelving, but there's one more area that can provide a beneficial space for additional displays - your shop counter.

shop shelving accessories

Shop counter displays are great because they offer maximum exposure, being seen by the majority of customers - even those just popping in for a bottle of milk. There are many different ways to utilise your counter space with additional shelving and displays, for example:

  • Line up dump bins and wire stacking baskets to form a queuing area - these storage baskets can be stocked with promotional items, end-of-line stock, awkwardly shaped products or whatever you'd like to encourage your customers to grab as they line up to pay;
  • Arrange riser sets, literature holders and spinners on your shop countertop to display small items that are perfect for suitable for impulse buys;
  • Promo items and discounted products will sell like hot cakes when placed on your counter - perhaps in a display basket with bright signage?
  • Remind customers of special offers verbally and with signs at the counter so they may decide to take another trip around the store before checking out;
  • Consider setting up a loyalty card scheme for regular customers and popular items using a stamp and special discounts for repeat buys.
There are endless ways to set up your shop counter to maximise sales - visit our retail shelving showroom in Leicestershire or get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops and let us help you design your perfect store with every type of retail racking and shelving you could possible need!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Convenience Store Shelving and Racking for Fresh Produce

refrigerated shelving

To compete in the convenience store industry, rising numbers of businesses are offering fresh goods and self-service counters to provide hot and chilled produce to customers on the go. Convenience store customers often pass by on their way to work or school, or pop in on their lunch break for something quick and easy to eat. Offering fresh goods means that your store traffic will increase as you become a handy stop for all sorts of customers. In addition to packeted goods, newspapers and popular items stocked on wall shelving and gondola shelving, you can also provide customers with fresh items displayed in refrigerated shelving units and counters, for example:

  • Freshly-baked pastries and bread
  • Self-service hot drinks machines or a coffee counter
  • Chilled snacks, sandwiches and drinks
  • A staffed counter serving sandwiches, delicatessen goods or even hot food
  • Freezer storage for ice creams and frozen foods

The type of fresh goods you can stock will depend on the space you have available for the appropriate refrigerated shelving unit or retail racking unit. If you are serving freshly made food on the premises you will also need to obtain any relevant health and safety accreditations to ensure quality control.

Many stores opt for refrigerated shelving placed at the back of the shop so that customers pass by your entire range of stock on their way to grab a cold drink or sandwich. There are several different refrigerated chillers and freezer styles available via Shelving4Shops including dairy cabinets, multideck chillers, dispaly freezers, bottle fridges, serve-over counters and other forms of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Visit us at or call 01455 221512 to talk about incorporating fresh goods into your retail shelving configuration.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Retail Shelving Tips for Success

retail shelving

The way you arrange your shop shelving and the way you stack your shelves can have a great impact on your retail success. Driving traffic around your store and catching each customer's eye with well-displayed products is half the battle, and there are plenty of ways to boost your sales simply by being mindful of the way you organise your store. Here are our top tips on arranging and maintaining your retail shelving to optimise your shop's success:
  • Choose stock wisely: do your research and keep on top of trends and local preference when stocking your store. Make sure that you are providing two main types of product: items that your customers need and are specifically looking for, and items that they will be prompted to buy on impulse when they see them on your shelves. Both these types of merchandise require a little psychological profiling on your customers and may change over time, or from season to season;
  • Keep your shelves well-stocked: under-stocked stores look run-down and neglected, while over-stocked shelves look messy and are awkward to use. Before opening, ensure that your store looks neat and welcoming, and that shelves are adequately stocked. Any end-of-line items that are starting to look thin on the shelves can be placed onto promotional bays, dump bins, or stacking wire baskets;
  • Stock shelves at the right height: The height at which you stock your products can affect how well they sell - popular and premium items should be placed at eye-level, while cheaper or less-popular products generally go on higher or lower shelves. However, you can make the most of this eye-level popularity to get rid of less popular items, too!
  • Co-ordinate your store: Separate your store into different sections according to product type and colour co-ordinate using signage or Epos ticket strips so that customers can easily find what they're looking for. Placing similar items or products that go well together in the same area can double up your sales!
  • Dedicate an area to sale items: If customers know that a particular end bay or wall shelving unit always contains reduced-price items, it will be well-used! Clearly mark where your sale items or promotions are, and position these areas at the back of the store so that customers have to walk past the rest of your stock to get to them, encouraging impulse buys;
  • Be versatile with your shelving: Adapt and adjust your shop shelving according to your needs, and while your core products should stay in the same place, there's no reason why you can't change the configuration of other items occasionally and provide a bit of variety! Use pegboard shelving, extra shelves, risers and dividers to organise your shop shelving and you'll find it easy to accommodate different sized and shaped products;
For more tips on retail shelving, or information on the different kids of shop shelving available, visit or drop by our shelving showroom in Leicestershire to speak to one of our expert retail shelving team. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to Make a Retail Shelving Floor Plan

One of the first tasks any shop owner faces when fitting out a store is the basic floor plan for retail shelving. You'll have plenty of decisions to make, from the type of shop shelving you need to where to place your counter. Here are the basic steps you'll need to take to make a retail shelving floor plan, but remember that the team at Shelving4Shops are always happy to provide advice to help you to put together the perfect store plan - just pop into our Leicestershire shelving showroom to speak to one of our retail experts!

retail shelving

Creating a retail shelving floor plan:

1) Measure out your floor space accurately and draw an outline (squared paper or graph paper can be helpful to draw to scale);

2) Mark out the position of doors, windows, columns, and electrical sockets;

3) Decided if you'll need a chiller or freezer unit for your store (this is generally best placed along the back wall as it will draw customers right the way through your shop);

4) Think about the position/size of your shop counter - usually the best position is near the front of the store but you will want to ensure that you have good visibility of as much of your shop as possible;

5) Determine how many wall shelving units you'll need (you can find examples of sizes and widths here) and whether you'll need to add corner units, pegboard shelving, or magazine racking according to your merchandise;

6) If your store is big enough to have aisles, consider where to position gondola shelving and how you'd like your customers to move around your store - gondola shelving is a versatile double-sided freestanding type of shop shelving and creates a 'flow' for your shop traffic;

7) End bays or promotional bays provide a neat way to end a gondola run and provide impact for promotional items - if you have space to add these to gondola units then you can really boost impulse sales;

8) Now think about the different type of products you're going to sell and whether you'll need to adjust or add shelving accessories to your wall and gondola shelving, such as shelf risers, shelf dividers, extra shelves, pegboard backing, magazine racking or different depth base shelves;

9) Any unused or awkward spaces? Fill them with dump bins, stacking wire baskets and other wire shelving units - make the most of every inch of your store!

10) Finally, add an electronic till, a shop counter, and promotional material like Epos ticket strips to finish your store with a professional look.

retail shelving equipment

You can find all these retail shelving items along with experienced and friendly advice on planning your store at Shelving4Shops - visit us online, call on 01455 221512 or email for more information.