Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to Make Your Store Inviting

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your store can really help to create repeat customers and impress every person who walks through your door. Simply having a clean, tidy and well-organised store can mean the first impression of your shop is positive rather than negative. Here are a few tips on making your store as inviting as possible:
  • Good quality retail shelving: choosing high-quality shelving for your store is essential if you want to keep your products well displayed and maximise the space you have available. Use wall shelving, gondola shelving, end bays, peg board shelving, corner shelving units, wire shelving and refrigerated shelving to create the perfect configuration for your stock.
  • Create a consistent look: use signs, Epos ticket strips and promotional material to coordinate your shelving and your displays for a neat, consistent look. You can even colour-code different types of products or areas to help your customers find what they're looking for. Continuing this consistency on your posters, exterior signs and flyers really helps to create a cohesive brand for your store.
  • Keep your shelves fully stocked: well-stocked shelves make your store look efficient and neat, and means customers don't need to reach to the back of your shelving unit for what they want. Excess stock can be displayed above or below shelving units or kept out of sight in your storage area. Empty or sparse shelves make your store look run-down and may give the impression that your stock isn't fresh.
  • Maintenance and lighting: Keeping every aspect of your store in good condition and well-lit will help your shop to look clean and tidy and in good working order. This includes everything from the state of your flooring, to the lighting overhead, to the condition of your ticket strips, to the cleanliness and neatness of your shop counter.
  • Use shelving accessories to maximise space: shelving accessories like dump bins, wire shelving, shopping baskets, shelf risers and dividers all help to give your store a finished look and maximise any space that will not accommodate a full sized shelving unit. Dump bins are a great way to display end of line items or promotional goods, and can encourage spontaneous purchases at your tills. 
  • Presentable and polite staff: and finally, your customer service and the way your staff present themselves is essential if you want to perpetuate a good reputation for your store. Dressing neatly and providing excellent customer service at all times will boost your store's atmosphere and ensure your customers are happy to come back again another day.

If you need help planning or fitting out your store with retail shelving and accessories, Shelving4Shops is here to help. We offer a huge range of shelving units and shelving equipment to create the perfect arrangement for your individual requirements. Get in touch with us on 01455 221512, or by emailing, or visiting our website at You can also visit us at our Leicestershire shelving showroom to see our full range of products and speak with an expert advisor. 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Guide to Chillers and Refrigerated Shelving

Incorporating a chiller or freezer into your store shelving can allow you to diversify your stock and provide a space for fresh, refrigerated or frozen produce. More and more convenience and retail stores are adding refrigerated shelving to their shops to bring in extra customers and boost sales - will it work for you?

Before you choose a refrigerated shelving unit, there are a few things to consider:

Shelving Space: A chiller or freezer takes up a substantial amount of space in a store, and will need to be placed against a wall with easy access to an electrical socket. Make sure your refrigerated unit will fit with your other shelving units, or that you can adjust your shelving arrangement to accommodate it. (If you need help planning your shop shelving configuration, get in touch with us or pop into our shelving showroom!)

Positioning: Chillers are best placed at the back of your store so that the high number of customers who come into your shop to buy a drink or fresh produce will need to walk past a range of other products to do so - thus exposing them to a variety of spontaneous buys! As with any shelving, make sure your refrigerated unit does not make movement around the store difficult, or close up aisles or doorways. You will need enough space for a wheelchair or pushchair to pass by, and adequate manoeuvring space for you to restock and carry out maintenance on your machine.

Adjustable shelving: A useful aspect of a refrigerated shelving unit is the ability to adjust the shelves to accommodate different sized products according to your current stock. This makes restocking much easier and ensures you can maximise space. Cleaning is much simpler when you can remove each shelf individually, too.

Economic power: It's always best to go for the most economic machine you can afford. Not only is it better for the environment but it will save you money on electricity, as well! All the chillers and freezers at Shelving4Shops are energy efficient and highly rated.

Lighting: Another handy addition to any cooler or freezer is built-in lighting. Predominantly for chillers with doors, this feature allows for easy browsing and presents your products in a pleasant light. Chiller lighting should be fitted with LED bulbs which will last longer, produce less heat, and save on energy. If your chiller doesn't have in-built lighting, ensure that your store lighting adequately lights the products in your shelving unit.

Temperature: It's important that you have a thermometer either built into your refrigerated unit or attached to it so you can make sure your products are kept at the right temperature. You don't want your ice cream to melt or your fresh produce to go off, do you? With an in-built thermometer, you can easily keep track of your chiller's temperature and ensure that it is adjusted when necessary. Checking the temperature of your refrigerated shelving unit should become part of your regular maintenance routine. And on that note, one final consideration...

Maintenance: As with all your shelving units, regular maintenance keeps your refrigerated units in great condition and looking great. Chillers and freezers should be kept clean and in good working order if you want to get the most out of your investment, and any electrical goods need to be checked according to health and safety guidelines. If you're in any doubt about the condition of your refrigerated shelving, get in touch with Fridge Freezer Direct by calling 0845 6800 695 or visiting

For all your shelving needs, including chillers, freezers and coolers, visit Shelving4Shops or call us on 01455 221512. 

Ensuring your cooler or freezer possesses these 3 features will allow you to get more bang for your buck.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Pop Your Cork! Shop Shelving for Wine Stores

If you own, or are thinking of opening a wine retail store in the future, you'll be in need of some shop shelving! Let us help you plan your store and supply (and even fit) your retail shelving units to create the most efficient set-up for your space.

To cover the basics of any store, wall shelving and gondola shelving provide versatile and long-lasting shelving units that are able to display a wide range of products, including bottles of wine. Because you can adjust the height of each individual shelf, you will be able to accommodate different sized bottles and products to maximise space. Epos ticket strips and shelf risers will help you to promote and label your stock as well as preventing items from being knocked off the shelf by passers-by. 

Wall shelving, as the name suggests, fits against a wall and units can be connected to form a 'run'. These secure shelving units make the most of wall space without intruding too far into your floor area, and are available in several different heights.

Gondola shelving is a free-standing shop shelving unit with shelves fitted to both sides. This type of shelving is a great space-saver and allows you to create aisles in your store, which not only helps traffic to flow through each area of your shop, but also assists in organising products (for example, reds on one side, whites on the other). 

Chillers and refrigerated shelving might also be useful for your wine store to provide storage and display areas for other chilled beverages such as soft drinks and mixers. Shop shelving accessories can also help to fill awkward corners of your store, and allow you to display promotional stock or end-of-line items. A popular choice of shop accessory is the dump bin - a collapsible wire storage basket that can be placed in empty corners, at the end of shelving runs, at the entrance to your store or near the tills for easy browsing while customers queue. And don't forget the counter and the till! At Shelving4Shops we offer the complete range of shelving products and accessories to help you fit out your shop according to your specific needs. We'll even help you to plan your layout, deliver your shelving and assemble it in-store.

Get in touch by emailing, calling 01455 221512, visiting our website at or by dropping by our Leicestershire shelving showroom.

A Guide to Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is an essential for any convenience store, supermarket or retail store that wants to create aisles for customers to browse. This type of shop shelving offers many benefits, including double-sided shelving units to save space, adjustable shelf heights, and a versatile array of sizes to suit any store. 

Whether you have a small corner shop or a major supermarket, gondola shelving will form the core of your retail shelving layout. Gondola shelving is versatile and allows you to display a vast amount of different products on one type of shelving unit, from magazines to packaged products. A strong base shelf also allows for stocking heavier or bulky products.

The main advantage of gondola shelving is the ability to form a run of units to create natural aisles within your main shopping space, encouraging customers to move around all areas of your store and maximising display space. End bays can be added to the ends of runs for a neat and tidy look, and are perfect for displaying promotional or seasonal items!

Gondola shelving is durable and sturdy, and can be assembled quickly and easily - you can even swap out the shelf backing for peg board if this suits your products better. Come and visit our Midlands shelving showroom to see our range of gondola units in action, or give us a call on 01455 221512 to talk about your shop shelving requirements. We also stock a huge variety of retail shelving, shop racking and store accessories, including tills, counters and baskets. We are able to deliver and assist with construction of your shelving units if necessary, and if you need help with planning our your store shelving configuration, Shelving4Shops' experts will be happy to help.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Creating an Eye-Catching Window Display

Shop shelving isn't just for inside your store! Use retail shelving and accessories to decorate your store window and create a striking display.
Your store's window display is the first thing your customers see as they pass by, and it's important to make it eye-catching and inviting. Not only do your displays encourage customers to visit your shop, but they also present that all-important first impression of your store. If your displays are unimaginative, dusty and disorganised, people may assume that the inside of your shop is the same. 
Using posters, advertising, a range of produce and some well-placed shop shelving can all help you to create a striking window display that will boost your business. Here are a few tips for putting together a great display:
  • Varied shelving heights - create interest in your display by placing shelving units of different height in your window. Positioning products at different heights helps to draw attention to your display and lets you show off a variety of goods.
  • Use versatile wire shelving units - wire shelving comes in many sizes and heights, and provides a great base for a window display. Light and easy to move around, wire shelving allows you to change your display regularly without any effort.
  • Make the best use of your space - if you only have a small area for your window display, don't over-complicate things. Choose a few special offers or popular items and create a bright and appealing array.
  • Use reliable shelving - choose sturdy and hard-wearing retail shelving for your window display as these units will be moved and changed a lot. 
  • Coordinate - use matching shelving, coloured packaging, Epos strips, promotional material and signage to coordinate your display for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Promote - place seasonal goods and promotional items in clear view and use any branded posters or advertising you have to draw attention to special deals.
  • Make it relevant - change your display to suit the season, local events and public holidays to show that you stock relevant products.
  • Consider fitted shelving - it may be easier for you to fit shelving to your window display space for a seamless, professional look.
  • Vary your display regularly - change your display regularly to prevent your store front from looking boring or outdated. Placing fresh, new products in your window shows customers that you have a range of stock and you are attentive to your customers' needs.
For more advice on planning your store and choosing shop shelving, shopfittings and accessories, get in touch with us at You can visit our retail shelving warehouse in Leicestershire to browse our huge product range and get expert advice on setting out your shelving, or you can call us on 01455 221512 or email

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Get Your Fresh Fruit and Veg Shelving Here!

Shelving4Shops is pleased to introduce fresh fruit and vegetable racking and accessories.  Our cream and green wire shelving is available for purchase right now and you can come and see it for yourselves in our Midlands showroom.

Vegetable Racking

Vegetable Trays 

Lockable Wheels 

These wire shelving units are fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvring around your store. The lockable wheels  also allow you keep your vegetable rack from moving once positioned.

Our new green vegetable and fruit trays are ideal for fresh produce as they stop soft fruit like bananas and apples being bruised, whilst more hardy fruit and vegetables, like potatoes and onions, can be put directly into the shelving itself.

This sturdy and colourful fruit and vegetable racking can tie in beautifully with the rest of your store shelving.  Why not update your shopping baskets and Epos strips so that all your gondola shelving, wall shelving and magazineracking is fully colour-coordinated. 

At Shelving4Shops we are always updating our stock ranges. Why not come and see us and view our shelving and accessories for yourself? We stock cash registers, wallshelving, gondola shelving, dump bins, shopping baskets, peg board displayunits, shelf risers and dividers, shop counters, and much more.

With so much on offer at Shelving4Shops we can help you to maximise efficiency and space in your retail store, no matter how big or small your shop is. Call us on 01455 221512 or visit our website

Monday, 17 June 2013

New in – Tills and Cash Registers

Our ever-increasing product range just expanded again! By popular demand we have now started supplying Sharp tills and cash registers.

Shelving4Shops are excited about our new venture into the cash register market, and all the cash registers listed below are available to buy directly from our website. There are also training, support and warranty options available.

If you would like to take a look at our choice of tills and cash registers in person, why not come and visit our Midlands showroom? We can take you through the advantages of each model and you can choose which option will suit your needs. If you are new to the retail industry and need help formulating a store plan, we can help you with that too!

Not only can we supply all of your shop shelving, we can now supply your cash registers as well. Shopping for retail shelving and accessories has never been easier!

Here's a brief guide to the cash registers we currently offer at Shelving4Shops:


Sharp XE-A107WH cash register

Sharp XE-A107WH cash register

The new XE-A107WH is the latest addition to Sharp’s best-selling range of electronic cash registers. With a compact, stylish body it is suitable for a wide variety of retail or hospitality applications.

A bright nine digit, seven segment LED operator display gives clear information to the user and the 58mm wide printer gives clear and reliable printing. The 30 raised soft-touch keys are colour-coded for ease of use and are designed to be hard wearing.

The XE-A107 series includes a lockable cash drawer and also comes with a handy storage tray to keep pens or other items tidy and close to hand. Sharp’s new XE-A107 range is the perfect machine for any small business.


The new XE-A137WH is a compact yet powerful electronic cash register that comes in a new contemporary and stylish white design.

A bright nine digit, seven segment LED operator display gives clear information to the user and the single station thermal printer gives reliable and silent printing. The XE-A137 series also includes a lockable cash drawer and storage tray.

A 3,000 line electronic journal gives a full audit trail and, for peace of mind, an SD card slot is included to allow for sales data to be saved and viewed on a PC. A free PC link is also available for download to allow for easy programming of PLUs, departments, prices and tax rates.

All these features make the XE-A137 ideal for any growing retailer.


The XE-A207 features a class-leading large multi-line operator display and is ideal for retailers who need a professional, reliable, and easy-to-use machine. Featuring a new contemporary cabinet design, the XE-A207 series comes in a choice of light grey or black and will fit in with most hospitality and retail interiors.

For easy set-up, a free PC link software programme allows for effortless product maintenance and the new data export function enables sales data to be saved for use within spreadsheets. A sturdy metal full-sized lockable cash drawer is included with the XEA207 which is perfect for busy outlets which have up to 600 customers a day.

The XE-A207 is the ideal machine for any growing retail outlet.

Shelving4Shops is proud to be a retailer of Sharp cash registers and tills. With our extensive range of shop shelving, racking, counters and accessories there is no reason to buy your retail shelving from anywhere else.

If you would like to know more about our shop shelving and accessory ranges then please visit our website at or call us on 01455 221512. Our showroom can be found just off the M69 at Hinckley and is open every weekday from 9am-5pm, and from 9am to 2pm every Saturday. Please come and take a look 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Huge New Stock of Second Hand Shop Shelving and Equipment!

Shelving4Shops specialise in the dismantling and removal of shop racking from larger stores. We also buy used shop racking from smaller stores but this is usually on a collection only basis. A store in Hounslow recently had to close its doors and the administrators were left with thousands of pounds worth of stock, shelving and accessories to dispose of. Not knowing what to do with the shop shelving they searched the internet and found the Shelving4Shops team.They soon discovered that not only did we pay for the used shop shelving and racking we would also come and dismantle and collect! It was a big task - a 10,000 square foot store to be dismantled in just one day!

The logistics had to be planned carefully; a fork lift truck strapped to the back of an articulated lorry was required and a crew of six would be needed. When the team entered the shop there was still stock being removed from the shelving. It was going to be a busy day so we started to dismantle where we could.

Trolleys, dump bins, hand baskets and counters
The team making a start while the shop was still being emptied 
Gondola shelving and wall shelving
The team working alongside the administrators to dismantle the store
There were all sorts of shelving and accessories to be removed, not only the shop racking but also the dump bins, counters, hand baskets and trolleys. Used shop shelving, racking and accessories can be a great alternative for start-up businesses or a store having a revamp on a budget so the Shelving4Shops team were determined to get the job done and the lorry loaded.

Dismantling the gondola bays 
Gondola racking with shelves removed 
Around 6pm we finished loading the vehicles with the used shop shelving and a very sleepy and battle-scarred crew made it back to the Shelving4Shops base at around 9pm. The vehicles were unloaded the next day by a very achy Shelving4Shops team and we now have a wide range of used shop shelving and equipment to offer new and existing customers at our Midlands showroom.

We were happy to help the administrators with their work and look forward to working with them again in the future. If you have a store that is closing and you have some shop racking or shop shelving for sale please contact us to see if we can help you.

If you would like to know what type of second hand shop shelving we have in stock please call us on 01455 221512, visit our showroom just off the M69 at Hinckley, or email us at

Monday, 10 June 2013

Shop shelving for summer

The sun is shining here at Shelving4Shops! Summer holidays are being booked and we are looking forward to the months ahead. Summer is a great time to have a store revamp and get the promo bays and dump bins full of summer specials. Why not make your suntan lotions really stand out by adding yellow Epos strips to your units? Nothing says summer like a bright yellow Epos strip!

Summer is here with this bright yellow Epos strip
Taking the time to have a look round your store and add subtle touches to make your seasonal goods stand out can make all the difference. Do you need an extra shelf, barkers, new Epos strips or maybe some pegboard display? Make the most of the accessories we can offer you.

Shelf barkers

Metal dump bin - ideal for special offers
Take a look at our shop shelving and accessories ranges at and see if you can boost your summer sales!