Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dump Bins and Stacking Wire Baskets

Fitting out a retail store isn't just about the wall shelving - there are plenty of shop accessories like dump bins and baskets that can make your store more efficient and provide you with additional storage and display space. 

Dump bins are a handy and adaptable addition to your shop shelving that can fit in corners and alcoves that previously were wasting space. Placed at the end of aisles or by the shop counter, dump bins and baskets also encourage spontaneous impulse buying, and are ideal for displaying end of stock items or promotional and seasonal products, or items that are not easily stacked on a shelf.
Our standard dump bin comes in durable chrome and measures 800mm by 480mm with an adjustable base which can be placed at the height that suits your products. All our dump bins come flat packed for easy transport and can be taken apart and easily stored if you need extra space. At just £20, dump bins are a useful and effective way of creating an extra display within your store without sacrificing on space.

As well as dump bins, we stock a variety of stacking baskets and wire shelving units. Stacking baskets are perfect for fresh produce and making the most of difficult spaces within your store, while providing several tiers of shelving. Choose from 3 or 5 tiered wire basket shelving, in horizontal or vertical arrangements, or a free-standing 5 tier wire shelving unit for larger spaces. Costing from £15, wire baskets are a very affordable option for valuable additional shelving space.

Friday, 18 January 2013

New Shop Shelving and Accessories in Stock

At Shelving4Shops we are constantly on the look out for new quality products, and whether you have a large supermarket or small convenience store, we can be sure to have the right product to suit your needs. We strive to source cheap but reliable shelving products, and because we buy in bulk, we are able to pass on the savings to you.

We stock a great range of:

  • Supermarket shelving
  • Shopping baskets
  • Refrigeration
  • Shop fittings
  • Pegboard hooks and prongs
And we have also just taken delivery of our new heavy duty zinc-plated dump bins. These are ideal for end of line stock and promotional items, or simply to encourage impulse buys. Dump bins are a versatile addition to your shop, as they can be placed anywhere around the store, filling gaps that are too small to fit traditional shelving units and displays.

Wire dump bin
As well as wire dump bins, we also have wire stacking baskets in stock, which can be placed on shelves on stacked into tiers. A common use for wire stacking baskets in supermarkets and convenience stores would be to display crisps and confectionery. Many other retail stores use dump bins and wire stacking baskets, such as DIY stores, timber yards and pet stores. These useful little units are perfect for displaying tools, pet food, workwear, accessories and other sundry items.

Wire stacking baskets in stock 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A fresh look at shop shelving for the new year

Starting a new business can mean long hours, late nights and substantial outlay. With this in mind, there is often a tendency to cut corners to try to save a few pennies. We've all been guilty of this at some point when trying to lower costs, but rather than sacrificing on quality, there are ways to find decent shop fittings at affordable prices.

When you're setting up a new shop, you may be able to reduce costs by sourcing used materials and carrying out some of the work yourself if you feel confident enough. Of course, there's no point in doing this without the right skills - it always costs more to have something put right rather than hiring someone to do it properly the first time!

When Jim from Derby visited our showroom to buy some shop shelving and shop fittings for his new store, he told us he was on a tight budget and was interested in looking at the used shop shelving we had available. This is something we hear quite a lot, especially for business owners just starting out.

New and used shop shelving warehouse
Shopfittings and shelving warehouse
With Jim's low budget in mind, we sat down and drew up a plan of his shop, taking into consideration the position of the counter and pillars in the centre of the floor as these often cause problems when trying to position your gondola shelving. (You can almost guarantee there will always be at least one pillar in the way!) After about twenty minutes and a walk around our warehouse, Jim was satisfied we were able to supply him with what he needed and we agreed to deliver the shelving and assemble it for him. We just had one final question for him: was the floor flat? He assured us that it was (but might be a "little springy" at points, as it was a wooden floor), and that since his budget didn't stretch to a new floor it would be staying... or at least that's what he thought!

Old floor in need of repair
Carpeted floor before refit
The next day we loaded up the van and off we went... When entering the shop we couldn't help noticing a six foot deep hole in the floor which looked like someone had fallen through the day before. Jim assured us he would get it fixed and suggested we start putting up the shelving. We had our doubts but got started...

Cutting corners on something as important as the floor is never a good move, even if you are on a tight budget. Not only does an uneven floor look bad, but it makes it extremely difficult to keep the shop shelving straight, and this gives a tired and messy appearance to your shop. A floor in bad condition can also be a tripping hazard and will be costly to repair at a later date, when your shop is open and fully stocked.

Luckily, however, it didn't get to this stage. After putting up all the gondola shelving and having a few days over Christmas to think about it, Jim decided to take it all down again and have the whole floor relaid. And what a transformation it made! Jim replaced all the old rotten flooring and out of date carpet with a fresh, bright-looking laminate which has given the shop a new, clean look.

New floor after refit
A brighter, cleaner looking store!
We wish Jim all the best with his new shop and look forward to seeing him again in the future as his business expands. For any more information on new and used shop shelving and shopfittings, or advice on how best to fit out your store, please call Shelving4Shops on 01455 221512.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Refrigerated Retail Shelving

Having a refrigerated shelving unit in your retail store can be a great way to increase sales as more and more customers opt for fresh produce and goods. The positioning of a refrigerated shelving unit can actually influence shopping behaviour and increase impulse buys, too! By placing your refrigerated shelving at the very back of the store, customers will have to walk all the way through the shop to get to it - this means passing several other shelves or aisles of goods, exposing them to other potential purchases they may have not realised they wanted beforehand.

Having the option of a chiller in your store greatly increases the variety of produce you can stock, also - from drinks to dairy products, fresh fruit, meat products, snacks and ready meals, frozen food and ice cream. You may decide that alongside your refrigerated unit you may want a coffee making machine or additional fresh produce such as baked goods. Research has shown that the appearance of fresh products greatly improves the customer's opinion of a store, and by making fresh stock available, you will potentially increase your sales.

It's important to think about space and budget when looking at chillers, however, as they take up a significant space within your store and will also affect your electrical bills as they require constant power. It's always best to choose a refrigerated shelving unit with a good eco rating to help keep bills low. If you're not sure how a chiller will fit within your existing shop shelving configuration, give us a call or pay us a visit and one of our experienced staff will be able to talk you through your options. We have a long relationship with Platinum Cooling for our clients who need refrigerated shelving, chillers or freezers for their retail shelving, and between us we will be able to find the right option for your retail needs.