Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Supermarket Shelving for Nigeria - in Time for Christmas?

At Shelving4Shops we're always happy to help with planning and designing our clients' shops, providing advice and guidance on layout, budget, shop shelving and shopfittings. So when I received an email on a cold, wet November day enquiring about supermarket shelving for a shop that needed to be renovated and open in time for Christmas, I got my pen and paper ready...

The email read: "We have a large shop in Nigeria and require shelving and fixtures for our supermarket. We are about 90% finished and would like to be open before Christmas," and came with a few pictures and a plan.

Great, I thought, with pictures and a plan this shouldn't take long. It wasn't until I opened the attachment that I nearly fell off my chair.

I thought, we must be talking about another Christmas. I mean, I've visited lots of shops in the past - some with whole walls missing and parts of the ceiling hanging down - but never one in such a raw state, and expecting to be finished and open in just eight weeks!

To add to my surprise, just a few minutes later the phone rang and I heard a faint voice asking: "Did you get my shop plan?"

"Yes," I replied, "But I'm not sure where to start as the drawings are a bit...vacant."

The store owner explained what he needed - shelving for the wall and gondola shelving for the middle of the shop. I assured him we'd do our best to help but that it might be a bit of a rush to be open for Christmas, seeing as there wasn't even a floor in the building yet...

So, after twenty minutes on the phone, a few rough drawings and a bit more information, we managed to send over a plan. All we need to do now is wait for the other '10%' of the shop to be finished! Stay posted and we'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

An Alternative to Used Shop Shelving

Shelving4Shops is a part of Shoptek UK - one of the UK's leading companies sourcing and selling used supermarket shelving and shop equipment. We have over 15 years of experience in the retail shelving industry, and we noticed a real need for an alternative to used shop shelving as some customers were unable to find the specific units they were after.

Shelving4Shops was created to fill that gap, and we provide a range of shopfittings and shop shelving, including:
  • peg board shelving and peg board gondola units
  • high and log gondola shelving
  • high and low end bays
  • wall shelving
  • magazine shelving units
  • shelving accessories
  • refrigeration
  • dump bins

Of course, we also offer used shelving as well, and if you have very specific needs, or can't find what you're looking for on our website or in our showroom, we'll do our very best to source the perfect shop shelving for you.
If you're looking for an alternative to used and second hand shop shelving, visit us at, give us a call on 01455 221 512 or email for a quote!