Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The beauty of moveable equipment.

To keep the appearance of your store changeable and flexible, it’s worth investing in some portable shop display equipment to make sure changing the look of your shop doesn’t require a full rebuild! Shelving4Shops can supply a top quality range of highly versatile dump bins, wire stacking shelves and wire shelving. These pieces of lightweight shop equipment offer exciting options for promotional displays and quick shop face uplifts. They’re also great for making use of small, awkward spaces, such as corners and the centres of wide aisles. You’ll never have wasted space again!

All these lightweight display equipment options mean the look of your store is easy to update and change whenever you need to. It’s important to do this regularly so your customers see something new every time they visit. This in turn sparks curiosity to explore your store for new products - and in turn will most probably end up in the customer making an impulse buy of some sort.

Dump bins are great for displaying lots of single products - especially great for selling end of line items, or ones that are difficult to stack, e.g. single crisp packets or footballs. Ideal for placing at the end of aisles or by the till area, these can be stacked and offer easy access to tempt customers to impulse buy.

Wire dump bins have adjustable bases that allow you to raise or lower the height of your products. These are also great for tempting customers as they wait to pay, as you can use these to form the queueing area, filling them with tempting treats and sale items that your customers won’t be able to resist.

Have an awkwardly sized wall space? Why not use our wire shelves to make that wall work for your products! These are freestanding and lightweight, allowing you to move them around and change the look of your shop with ease.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Gotta love the Summer Sales!

Everyone loves summer - the long warm days, the outdoor meals and the light evenings. One of the most exciting things about summer for stores is the potential for creating stunning summery displays and increasing sales. During shopping trips in the summer, the heat is often tiring, so cool, air conditioned stores are refreshing sanctuaries for customers.

The potential for window displays is limited only by your imagination - and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! You can use craft materials and textiles to create summery scenes and entice customers in. It’s the perfect excuse to bring in crazy bright colours, including both neons and pastels.

Beach or swimming pool scenes are always a winner when attracting the attention of passers by. Why not visit a charity shop to see what little bits and pieces you can pick up on the cheap to dress your window or store with? Even if you don’t need the clothes, you may find cheap items worth buying for the fabric to use as a backdrop or to wrap around furniture to carry a theme throughout the decor. Create a beach theme with sand, blue material for the water and why not create some clouds with cotton wool? None of this costs too much money and can be the difference between a customer walking by your store or stopping to enter because the display caught their eye. Make sure you click rss to keep updated for everything shelving4shops!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Presenting Wine the Shelving4Shops Way!

There is little more tempting, for the wine lovers among us at least, than the elegant presentation of a wine tower within a store. Wine bottles are quite the prettier grocery item, with a variety of bottle shapes and colours that can make for an eye catching display. When done correctly, the presentation can suggest sophistication and fine dining, something that many people aspire to do in their own home, with adventurous cooking and those extra special meals.

When trying to entice people to buy wine, the way it’s presented definitely makes all the difference to attracting customers. Clearly labelled, with special offers and enticing deals, means people will wander over and browse what’s available. A wine tower is a great promotional tool, with an attractive display of bottles that doesn’t take up much space if your store is on the smaller side. Using height instead of width, a wine tower is also a quick means for a customer to pick up a bottle as they’re passing by. have a great range of wine tower displays in both black and silver, adding a modern touch to the appearance of your store. Each tier has a wire balcony to prevent the bottles being knocked to the floor and broken, while allowing for easy removal and re-stocking.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Security In Store

When it comes to protecting your store, there’s little more important than keeping an eye on your products and making sure theft isn’t an issue. When you’re running a store, it’s impossible to watch every corner and every aisle, so it’s definitely worth investing in some anti-theft devices to deter any thieves from potentially costing you a lot of money.

Stolen goods can put a huge strain on the budget of smaller companies or new businesses, so spending a little money to deter thieves in the first place is a wise move.

While gadgets such as CCTV or surveillance cameras are a great way to capture and record any untoward activity in your store, the systems can be expensive and costly to have installed. A cheaper option which is ideal for small or new stores is to have security mirrors positioned so you can see every part of your store from a single point - the till area, for example.

Shelving4Shop’s convex security mirror comes with a flexible mounting arm to allow you to adjust the angle and cover those awkward blind spots. The mirror has a diameter of 400mm and is fitted with circular safety glass. Priced at just £24.99, it’s the perfect way to deter thieves and make sure you can keep a watchful eye on the rest of your store without having to leave the till area.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Promotions Promotions Promotions!

One of the most important things to consider in your store is how to keep customers coming back. Offering regular promotions will make sure customers keep coming back to check what bargains they can get.

It’s therefore important to create promotional displays that are visible from outside the store, whether this is in a window or a doorway. The signage needs to be clear and a reasonable size so it can be read at a distance. Colours need to be eye catching and vibrant to attract attention, but they also need to be consistent with sale and company colours. Frequent, in store sales will entice people to make impulse purchases and tell their friends about you.

Promotions are also more likely to increase brand awareness, so if you have a new product or supplier that you need to promote offering discounts and creating displays to advertise this will increase awareness and push sales. Make sure you allow room in your marketing budget for promotions and sales such as these. If you’re not getting enough customers to offset the cost of an in store promotion, you may end up losing money.

Why not add an incentive to spread the word about your business by offering the chance to enter a giveaway competition - all the customer has to do is refer a friend and fill in their details for the chance to win an exciting prize. You also will gain a database of email addresses which you can then use to market back to! Let us help you with your store today @

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shelving4Shop Come On & Get Your Fruit & Veg Outside!

There’s no two ways about it. A colourful display of fruit and veg is a truly enticing sight. It grabs a passerby’s attention and tempts people into the store to see what other treats lie inside. Fresh produce is a great way to show off your shop’s wares, however you don’t want to leave it outside - and lugging heavy boxes of fruit and veg inside every evening is not a viable option if some staff can’t manage the weight.

Instead, consider outside display unit, which sits on sturdy castor wheels, allowing you to move the entire display with ease. Shop staff can then put the produce away each night and wheel it back out again every morning. There’s no lifting and you can lock the castor wheels to ensure your display doesn’t move once it’s in place. The display unit comes in a range of different lengths to work with the space you have available, maximising the advertising potential you have from your produce display.

The tough, plastic vegetable trays come with the frame and keep your produce safe and clean. Again, the trays are available in a range of different sizes to match your frame, allowing you to customise the display and make sure it works perfectly for your store.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Christmas is just around the corner…

Well, it’s not far off in terms of retail and it’s essential to make sure you’re ready way in advance of the Christmas shopping period. There’s a lot to plan, so here are a few pointers to get you started…

Plan your staff cover so you have enough people to look after all your customers. You don’t want to have long queues because you only have one till open, as you’ll end up with customers putting things down and walking out when they get bored of the wait. Make sure if anyone is on holiday during the Christmas period you have sufficient cover to make sure staffing levels are going to cope with the increase in customer numbers. 

Plan your products carefully, with the right seasonal products that will make great Christmas gifts and tempt customers. Make sure you’ve got enough stock to ensure you don’t run out and leave anyone disappointed. 

Give yourself a goal - take a look at last years sales figures to give yourself something to beat. How will you do this? More stock? More promotions? Put a plan together to help you meet this target.

Don’t forget to plan for your January sales too - what items will be in the sale, what displays will you have to let your customers know what items are included? Don’t forget you can customise existing displays or create new ones.